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The Tambey Group

Exploration and Production Prospective Projects

In May 2017, Gazprom, PJSC and RusGasDobycha, CJSC signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to exercise joint projects for production and processing of gas and gas condensate reserves from the assets owned by Gazprom at Yamal: the Tambey group.

The Tambey Group

The Tambey group includes North-Tambeyskoe, West-Tambeyskoe and Tasiyskoe fields.

The project license portfolio exceeds 800 Bln m3 of Ethane-containing gas. Along with Ethane, the following essential components as Propane, Butane and Condensate are contained within the reservoir gas of the Tambey group.

The Tambey fileds are multi-layered. The main interest of the joint project is focused on the gas-bearing formations with an increased Ethane content, which is used as a raw material for advanced gas processing and gas chemical complexes within the Russian Federation territory.

Currently RusGazDobycha is performing a Feasibility Study to justify the investments required for an integrated project aimed to produce, transport and process the gas received from the Tambey group fields. The execution concept for the foregoing project will be generated based on the Study results. In addition, basic provisions required for cooperation with Gazprom Group will be established.